Mounting the Sajou embroidered boxes

Published: 12/28/2016 13:07:25
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First step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: tracing the fabric

1Once you have finished your embroidery, iron on wrong side. Using a good light source, centre the cardboard disc on
the embroidery and draw around it on the wrong side.




Second step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: glueing the wadding

2 - Cover the cardboard disc with glue and place the wadding on it.
Cut off the excess around the disc.


Third step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: cutting the fabric

3 - Cut off excess fabric leaving a 1.5 cm margin from the chalk line.
Clip all around the fabric at roughly 1 cm intervals.


Fourth step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: glueing the fabric

4 - Use a white fabric glue all around the edge of the cardboard disc and fold
over the notches one by one. About halfway through, check the embroidery is correctly centred.
Once you have glued down all the edges, wipe away any excess glue with a clean cloth.
Leave to dry.


Fifth step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: preparing the lid

5 - Recuperate a bit of excess embroidery fabric and, with one or two pieces, glue
onto the raised central part of the lid. This will prevent the covered disc from slipping
and give a solid finish. Cover the back of the disc with glue and centre it on the lid.
Place a weight or heavy book on the lid and leave to dry for a few hours.


Last step in mounting Sajou embroidered boxes: positioning the embroidery

The lid is perfect, you just have now to put it on your box!

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